I have a general question

Improove is a non-profit organization founded in December 2022 and located in Montreal. Situated in the heart of the largest urban agriculture cooperative, La Centrale Agricole, the NPO's mission is to reduce food waste and insecurity, and promote the circular economy in Quebec.

Improove saves and recycles surplus fruits and vegetables from Quebec producers and distributors.

Improove is the new online platform for food products from the circular economy.

On our platform, you can find all the products from companies that upcycle food and help reduce food waste. Le panier anti-gaspi prepared by Improove, but also unique grocery products that respect our values.

It is a product prepared in Quebec which has at least one of the ingredients that has been saved from food waste.

For example, the company ReBon that makes crackers uses dregs as an ingredient in its recipes. Dregs are residues from the brewing of cereals from microbreweries. Partly used for animal feed, in urban areas spent grains are often thrown away. Initiatives such as ReBon products make it possible to revalorize these foods and reduce waste.

Le panier anti-gaspi is a brand new product offered by Improove that helps reduce food waste and food insecurity in Quebec. In the same box, we collect the surpluses of fruits and vegetables from Quebec producers and distributors.

Le panier anti-gaspi is a product that makes fresh products accessible to everyone and has a positive environmental and social impact. The fruits and vegetables that make up Le panier anti-gaspi are either stock or production surpluses, or unsold products that are still of high quality, or downgraded products because they are too small, large or deformed.

Improove's mission is to reduce both food waste and food insecurity in Quebec. The sale of anti-gaspi baskets allows us to finance and support the logistics to recover more surplus and distribute free fresh fruits and vegetables to community organizations.

Each week, the composition of our baskets may vary since we depend on the surpluses that we collect. A dozen fruits and vegetables make up our baskets and vary each week. In the end, it's always a surprise for your customers!

When we collect fruits and vegetables, everything is sorted in our cooperative in order to discard what is not edible, put aside fruits and vegetables that are too damaged to use them in food processing and finally keep them cool for the baskets. So there are only beautiful products that deserve to be consumed in our baskets!

At Improove, we recover and save surplus fruits and vegetables from producers and distributors in Quebec. When producers have surpluses or unsold items and distributors have large stocks of fruit and vegetables to save, we finally buy back these foodstuffs and offer them a new alternative.

The fruits and vegetables that we recover come from all types of production, whether conventional, organic, in greenhouses... We do not make a distinction on what must be saved.

Nevertheless, we will work on the development of an organic anti-gaspi basket in 2023. For now, our baskets are made up of fruits and vegetables from here and elsewhere, conventional and organic, depending on our supply of the week.

It's actually very simple. As we like to say at Improove, everyone can get involved on their own scale. Whether you are a vegetable producer or a distributor wishing to reduce losses, a merchant who wants to participate in our project and offer our products, or a consumer who would like to get involved by buying our baskets, we are all super heroes of the circular economy in power!

I have a question about your super business services

Hello modern day superheroes! You are already on the right website. You are also perhaps the partner we need to further promote the circular economy in your neighborhood. You can send us an email at sos@improove.ca so that our representative will contact you and discuss the great opportunities to come.

I have a question about ordering online

Great! You can support our project and become a superhero of the circular economy, here are all the ways to get there:

1. Create your online retailer account. Our gang will study your request as soon as possible.

2. Once your account has been approved, compose your assortment, place an order and pay directly online.

3. Receive Le panier anti-gaspi and groceries the following week.

If you have chosen to be delivered in Montreal, good news: there is no minimum order!

On the other hand, if you are located on the outskirts, the minimum order will apply according to your postal code, taking into account our additional costs.

When you place an order, you can pay directly with your credit card. Under certain conditions, you may be authorized to obtain a delay of 30 days before paying for your order.

I have a question about delivery

Improove prepares the anti-gaspi basket and/or the grocery products on Wednesdays for delivery to the point of sale, on Thursdays between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m.

No delivery costs will be applied, take the opportunity to place a great order!

If your customer is not available to pick up their order on the scheduled delivery day, they should contact you to let you know and arrange collection later.

If there is no news from him after 24 hours, Le panier anti-gaspi will be donated to a community organization.

Delivery is not possible outside Thursday, between 12 p.m. and 8 p.m. For any special requests, you can always email us at sos@improove.ca .