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Organic Fertilizer

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An all-purpose natural fertilizer made from insect manure. A nutrient-dense super amendment for soil health.

The plants are more resistant to stress and attacks by insect pests or fungi.

Our super advice

Easy to use and odorless, you can use it to feed your indoor and outdoor plants such as garden vegetables. If you already use compost, you can use it in addition to create better conditions.

Storage: make sure to store it in a cool place, away from humidity, light and in its original packaging.


The mealworm frass is 75% composed of organic matter: insect droppings, molts and some residues from their food.

  • 3% total nitrogen
  • 3% phosphorus (as P₂O₅)
  • 2% Potassium (K₂O)
  • < 10,000 ppm magnesium
  • 3400 ppm calcium
  • 2300 ppm sulfur
  • 161 ppm iron
  • 185 ppm manganese
  • 119 ppm zinc


  • 100% natural
  • EcoCert Canada Certification
  • High organic content


The urban edible insect breeding farm notably produces frass, a biostimulant fertilizer composed of manure and insect carcasses. And to close the loop (of the circular economy), the company feeds its little animals with by-products from the local agri-food sector. Would you like an organic fertilizer that is better for the planet?

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