The panier that saves fruits and vegetables

le panier anti-gaspi verifie par aliments du quebec
Fight the food waste

Every week, we save several hundred kilos of fruits and vegetables from our partner producers and distributors.

In the same box, Improove collects these unsold and surplus fruits and vegetables and then makes them accessible to consumers through the paniers anti-gaspi. A responsible product verified by Aliments du Québec.

Reduce your grocery costs

For every purchase of an panier anti-gaspi, you save money and get up to 30% on your grocery costs!If you have better control over your shopping budget, it's also a great way to support our non-profit in its mission .

le panier anti-gaspi livraison domicile
le panier anti-gaspi dons organisme communautaire
Fight food insecurity

When you buy a panier anti-gaspi, we donate its weight equivalent to a community organization.

Since it costs less to throw away these foodstuffs rather than repurposing them, our non-profit organization needs financial support to recover surpluses and prepare donations.

How does it work ?

I order online

Save the fruits and vegetables of the week on our online platform.

abonnement panier anti-gaspillage montreal
livraison panier anti-gaspillage montreal
I have groceries delivered

Collect Le panier anti-gaspi from one of our partner drop-off points or at home.