The panier anti-gaspi



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    I have a question about the panier anti-gaspi 🥕

    The panier anti-gaspi helps reduce food waste and food insecurity in Quebec. In the same box, we collect surplus fresh fruits and vegetables from Quebec producers and distributors.

    The panier anti-gaspi makes fresh products accessible to all while having a positive environmental and social impact. The fruits and vegetables that make up the panier anti-gaspi are either stock or production surpluses, unsold products that are still of high quality, or downgraded because they are too small, large or deformed.

    Each week, the composition of our paniers may vary because we depend on the surpluses that we collect. A dozen varieties of fruit and vegetables make up our paniers and vary each week. In the end, it's always a surprise for you!

    When we collect fruits and vegetables, we start by sorting them within the cooperative in order to discard those that are not edible.

    We also put aside the most damaged fruits and vegetables to dedicate them to food processing or compost. Finally we keep the freshest vegetables and fruits to compose the paniers. Thus, there are only beautiful fruits and vegetables that deserve to be eaten in our paniers!

    At Improove, we recover and save surplus fruits and vegetables from producers and distributors in Quebec. When producers have surpluses or unsold items and distributors have large stocks of fruits and vegetables to save, we finally buy back these foodstuffs and offer them a new alternative.

    The fruits and vegetables that we recover come from all types of production, whether conventional, organic, in greenhouses... We make no distinction on what must be saved.

    Even if we do not exclude the possibility of offering you an organic panier anti-gaspi our paniers are currently composed of fruits and vegetables from here and elsewhere, conventional and organic, depending on our supply of the week.

    Improove's mission is to reduce both food waste and food insecurity in Quebec. The sale of the panier anti-gaspi allows us to finance and support the logistics to recover more surplus and distribute free fresh fruits and vegetables to community organizations.