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Distribution of anti-gaspi products

Driven by the objective of promoting the circular economy in the region and making the link between all stakeholders, we distribute the products of our anti-gaspi partners .

Whether you are an independent, zero waste or conventional grocery store, a local store, a café, a restaurant, a hotel, an institution, a recreational place or a tourist site, join the movement and also distribute products from circular economy.

Does one of our services meet your needs and do you want to become an anti-gaspi superhero?

Collection of surpluses from producers and distributors

In order to reduce food waste, food insecurity, and greenhouse gases, Improove values surpluses, unsold products, and downgraded products from Quebec producers and distributors.

Do you have products to save? Nothing could be simpler, our tailor-made collection service organizes the rescue of your food.

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Donation of fresh fruits and vegetables to organizations

Community organizations are increasingly called upon by families in need who are struggling to meet their expenses. The pressure on organizations is increasing and access to fresh products such as fruit and vegetables is sometimes complicated.

Improove is committed to supporting the ecosystem by linking donations from fruit and vegetable producers and distributors, and community organizations.