Super companies of the circular economy

improove entreprises economie circulaire quebec
COOP Boomerang

The super montrealer cooperative specializes in the circular economy around residual cereals from beer brewing. To combat food waste, COOP Boomerang transforms spent grain into a local, nutritious and eco-responsible flour. They are also our neighbours, we love them!


Drasca recycles malt grain residue from Quebec breweries to make crispy circular crackers. Composed primarily of malted barley, this super company offers a vegan, local and highly nutritious snack. A zero waste spent grains upcycler, we say yes!


A nutritious and affordable circular meal imagined from plants and surpluses from local farms to reduce food waste. The company offers dehydrated, ready meals made with at least one wild Quebec ingredient. A wonderful way to eat locally all year round!

Flirt Drinks

Flirt Drinks aims to reduce food waste with super drinks made from unsold fruits and vegetables. Without artificial additives, and made with real ingredients, you can opt for a soda, a juice, or a kombucha straight from the circular economy. Give a second life to the unloved in the food industry!

Good Big Nice

Good Big Nice is a Montreal-based lacto-fermented food company that produces traditional recipes in small batches. Unpasteurized, upcycled kimchi, sauerkraut, and hot sauces are made from local ingredients. A super natural way to preserve food to avoid food waste!

LOOP Mission

The circular economy company fights (like us) against food waste by coming to the rescue of imperfect fruits and vegetables, those that are rejected because they are not the right size or do not have the right shape. LOOP juices are popular but the company does not stop there. A soda from saved fruit, anyone?

La Transformerie

La Transformerie reduces food waste thanks to the survivors of grocery and fruit stores. The Montreal initiative makes vegan spreads, marmalades and sauces in Rosemont-La Petite-Patrie. A simple and short list of ingredients, low in sugar, whose jars (and even the labels!) are returnable!


The company located on the South Shore of Montreal contributes to the reuse of spent grains from microbreweries. It manufactures shampoos and soaps from these residues, which are particularly beneficial for the hair. A line of natural body products without the smell of beer, we promise!


Malterre is a Lower Laurentian company that recycles grain residues from beer malt. By recycling this bio-waste, the company offers crackers and granola from the circular economy, super sources of energy and fibres. If you want to consume ingredients from here, it's now!


The Montreal company specializes in the production of vegan and natural super popscicles and smoothies. These beverages and products (with the real taste of fruits and vegetables) are made from foodstuffs saved from food waste. She's also our neighbor, and just for that, we love her very much!


L’entreprise montréalaise est spécialisée dans la production de super popsicles et smoothies végans et naturels. Ces breuvages et produits (au vrai goût de fruits et légumes) sont réalisés à partir de denrées sauvées du gaspillage alimentaire. C'est aussi notre voisine, et rien que pour ça, on l'aime fort !

Pretty Ugly

The Pretty Ugly Company fights food waste by creating delicious products made from banged up or unsold fruits and vegetables. One pot at a time, it offers salsa sauces and organic corn chips. Add it to your grocery list urgently!


The Quebec company uses malted cereals from brewing beer to make crispy crackers. Based in Saint-Ambroise-de-Kildare in Quebec, ReBon thinks bigger and promotes all food co-products. Thinking about the unloved in the transformation process, that's a great idea!

Still Good

To preserve our planet and fight against food waste, Still Good Food recycles spent grains, a by-product of the brewing of beer and other cereals, to make super cookies (and even granola and flour) that are good and nutritious. To taste local and responsible cookies, it happens here!


The urban edible insect breeding farm notably produces frass, a biostimulant fertilizer composed of manure and insect carcasses. And to close the loop (of the circular economy), the company feeds its little animals with by-products from the local agri-food sector. Would you like an organic fertilizer that is better for the planet?

Do you make a product that reduces food waste? That's good, we are an anti-waste distributor