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Malted Flour

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The malt flour comes from Montreal microbreweries. When your favorite beers pass the brewing stage, cereals, also called spent grains, are too often (and unfortunately) thrown away.

Our super advice

For a roasted chocolate-caramel taste, you can use spent grains flour in addition to an all-purpose white flour. Breads, pizza dough, cookies or cakes, you choose your super recipe!


  • Spent grains: malted barley, oats and wheat


Contains: gluten (in small quantities)

May contain: spelled, rice husk, rye and corn

Nutritional superpowers

  • Rich in protein and fiber
  • Low in gluten and calories

COOP Boomerang

The super montrealer cooperative specializes in the circular economy around residual cereals from beer brewing. To combat food waste, COOP Boomerang transforms spent grain into a local, nutritious and eco-responsible flour. They are also our neighbours, we love them!

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